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78 Records Project Series

78 Records Production

Starting a new portfolio series: The 78 Records Project Series. Click on the link to learn more about those classic 78s

78 Records Project Series

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Human and Physical Geography Current Event Assignment SOL 2b and 12b

Task: Find TWO current events and relate them to geography.

One must be related to the physical aspect of geography (such as (weather, climate, landforms, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes etc.)  and one must be related to the human aspect of geography (such as population, ethnic groups, culture, human conflicts, international organizations, human cooperation, disputed areas, push+pull factors, migration, Human-Environmental Interaction etc.)

Directions: For each aspect summarize the article (in 2-3 sentences) and describe/explain the connection to the physical or human aspect of geography (in 2-3 sentences). Include a Works Cited Page that gives the title of the article, the author or organization that published it, the date it was published, and the link to it.

This article is about ethnic conflict in the country of South Sudan. The conflict is between two South Sudanese tribes: The Dinka and the Nuer. This article is an example of human geography because it focuses on ethnic conflicts. Ethnic conflicts often are a result of tensions between two different human groups. Additionally, the United Nations has peacekeepers inside South Sudan attempting to stop violence.

Works Cited:
Title: Sudan: Conflict has promoted Ethnic Tensions, says Official
Author: Sudan Tribune
Date: Sept 24th, 2014

Resources to use for current event:


New York Times

Google News Search

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WG SOL 2bc Human Environmental Interaction


TASK: Analyze Chernobyl by completing the following:

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Cooperation and Conflict SOL 10ab Assignment

Cooperation and Conflict SOL 10ab Computer Research Assignment

Examine any ONE conflict  and analyze in a 3-5 sentences the reasons for the conflict (HINT: Think about economic, social, political, cultural, geographic, historical, religious, or ethnic reasons)

Syria (Golan Heights) and Israel
Western-Sahara and Morocco
China and Taiwan
India and Pakistan
Canada (Quebec)
Balkan Peninsula (the break-up of Yugoslavia at the end of the Cold War)
Cyprus  (Greece side and Turkish Side)

Choose any ONE International Cooperative Organizations and explain in 3-5 sentences how the organization fosters cooperation and agreement among member nations AND provide an example of it doing so.
NATO (North-American Treaty Organization)
EU (European Union)
OPEC (Oil Producing and Exporting Countries)
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
OAS (Organization of American States)
League of Arab States
ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations)
AU (African Union)
United Nations
Red Cross/Red Crescent






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Voting in World War II

How American Soldiers Voted in World War II

Unlike today, voting for the World War Two serviceman was not such a straight forwarded affair. That isn’t to say voting for modern American Servicemen and Women isn’t easy only that things have objectively improved since WWII. Soldier’s attempting to vote encountered numerous obstacles to make absentee voting difficult or non-existent. It took a series of changes, each building incrementally to loosen-up the restrictions in time for the armed forces to vote in the Presidential election of 1944. One of the biggest changes was the political shift of the Republicans to allow (or at least not inhibit the Democrats) a federal presence in what is to be considered an area of state’s rights.

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WG 3abc Regions and 6 Human Migration

World Geography SOL 3abc and 6 Human Migration

Internet Search Questionnaire 3abc

World Geography SOL 3abc and SOL 6 Human Migration Powerpoint

Map Activity: Use the Blank Political Map to Complete the Regions Location Instructions

3abc Regions Location Map Blank Political Map

3abc Regions Location Map Instructions

Map Questions to complete when done: Use your notes, textbook OR map to answer:

  • 1. Where is the “Rust Belt”?
  • 2. In America, we call the region of Northern Africa and SW Asia “The Middle East.” What is another name for it?
  • 3. Where is the “Wheat Belt”?
  • 4. What is a goal of the European Union?
  • 5. What is the “Francophone World”?
  • 6. Name three countries in the Francophone World other than France.
  • 7. Why are regions important?

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World Geography Climate 2a

World Geography: Climate 2a

World Geography Climate Notes

World Geography Climate Sorting Activity


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Games of the World War Two Soldier

World War Two Games

Board and Card Games for the Allied Soldier

World War Two games were an important part of a solider’s life. As a Second World War enthusiast and historical reenactor, I thought I might share an especially small and unknown historical niche in the history and hobby: Games.

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World Geography SOL 1e: Disputed Areas Map Activity

World Geography Disputed Areas Map Activity

Disputed Areas Powerpoint WG 1e_

 Disputed Areas activity map activity

Disputed Areas 1e Question Sheet


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Lesson Plans World History II SOL 5e

Lesson Plans World History II SOL 5e Mercantilism and the Atlantic Dash for Cash

I. Abstract

  1. This entry is for use within a 90 minute, 9-12, World History II class. It can be used as a stand-alone lesson or it can be divided-up into smaller lessons as part of each individual SOL. Students will examine content related to Mercantilism. The skills students will practice include identifying political boundaries, analyzing primary and secondary sources, and analyzing the impact of economic forces. The student outcome will be demonstrating knowledge by describing and evaluating mercantilism.

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