Lesson Plans World History II SOLs

Lesson Plans World History II (1500-present) for Virginia SOLs

Lesson Plans World History II SOLs: This page provides links to various posts associated with teaching and lesson plan content, objectives, and activities related to the World History II SOLs. Materials include both free and premium lesson plans, worksheets, and other resources. The material contained in here is for educational purposes.

Lesson Plans World History II

Lesson Plans World History II: Premium Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans World History II Review Materials

Lesson Plans World History II Table

World History Skill Standards 1a,b,c,d,e,fWorld History II SOL 2a: Major States and EmpiresWorld History II SOL 2b: RenaissanceWorld History II SOL 2c: Major ReligionsWorld History II SOL 2d: Major Trade Patterns
World History II SOL 2e: Major Technological and Scientific Exchanges in Eastern HemisphereWorld History II SOL 3a,b,c Lesson Plans: Reformation, Counter-Reformation, and Printing Press, Martin LutherWorld History II SOL 4a: ExplorersWorld History II SOL 4b and 4c: Religion and Settlement PatternsWorld History II SOL 4d: Columbian Exchange
 World History II: SOL 4e and 4f: Atlantic Slave Trade World History II: SOL 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d: Impact of Europeans on East Asia, Africa, India, OttomansAWARD WINNING
World History: SOL 5e: Mercantilism
World History II: SOL 6a Scientific Revolution World History II: SOL 6b Absolute Monarchs
 World History II SOL 6c: English Civil War and the Glorious RevolutionWorld History II SOL 6d: Enlightenment World History II: SOL 6e French RevolutionWorld History II: SOL 6f Effects of Enlightenment on Arts, Music, Technology, and Literature World History II: SOL 7abcd Latin-American Revolutionaries and the Monroe Doctrine
 World History II SOL 8a: Napoleon and Congress of ViennaWorld History II SOL 8b: Revolutions of 1848 and Great Britain ReformsWorld History II SOL 8c:Italian UnificationWorld History II SOL 8d: German UnificationWorld History II SOL 9ac: Industrial Revolution Causes and Outcomes
World History II SOL 9b: Capitalism and CommunismWorld History II SOL 9de: Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Scramble for Africa, India, and AsiaWorld History II SOL 10a: World War OneWorld History II SOL 10b: Russian RevolutionWorld History II SOL 10c: Treaty of Versailles and World War One Outcomes
 World History II SOL 11a: League of Nations World History II SOL 11b: Worldwide Great Depression World History II SOL 11c: Rise of the DictatorsWorld History II SOL 12a: Causes of World War IIWorld History II SOL 12b: Holocaust and Genocides
World History II SOL 12c: Outcomes of World War IIWorld History II SOL 13a: Start of the Cold WarWorld History II SOL 13a: Collapse of CommunismWorld History II SOL 13b: Cold War EventsWorld History II SOL 13c: China and Vietnam
World History II SOL 13d: Cold War LeadersWorld History II SOL 14a: Indian IndependenceWorld History II SOL 14b: African Independence World History II SOL 14c: Creation of IsraelWorld History II SOL 15ab :World Religions
World History II: SOL16a Contemporary Issues Refugees,Conflicts, TechnologyWorld History II: SOL 16b Developed vs Developing CountriesWorld History II SOL 16c: Economic Interdependence World History 16d: Terrorismxxxxx

Lesson Plans World History II Support Resources

World History Part II CurriculumWorld History Part II Scope and SequenceWorld History Primary Source Packet of DocumentsWorld History Part II StandardsWorld History II SOL Blueprint


Lesson Plans World History II End of the Year

Premium Lesson Plan: Jared Diamond Collapse Premium Lesson Plan: Golden Age of Pirates Premium Lesson Plan: Hurricane Katrina
John Stossel Videos Premium Lesson Plan: Gandhi Film (1982) Lesson Plan and Worksheets Premium Lesson Plan: Cry Freedom Lesson Plan and Worksheets

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