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The Federal Reserve System SOL 13d

This post includes a powerpoint that goes with Virginia SOL 13d, The Federal Reserve System. The powerpoint includes images, diagrams and charts.

Teachers wishing to use this will need to add in the vocabulary as it may have changed and any Quiz questions they want to add in the specific slides

Federal Reserve System PowerPoint

Video for use with questions.

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12 Years a Slave Video Lesson Plans and Worksheets

12 Years a Slave Video Lesson Plans and Worksheets

While I never had an opportunity to test out 12 Years a Slave Video Lesson Plans and Worksheets I would have liked to have shown the film either at the end of the year or as part a discussion on slavery (either as part of a World History or US course).

The New York Times learning Blog has a good outline of the lesson involved in it. You can find it here: 12 Years a Slave Lesson Plans and Worksheets from NTY Learning Blog

I have also put the lesson into a single document that students can use:
12 Years a Slave Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Teachers may also be interested in having students compare the two excerpts listed in the document using the resources below:
Close Reading

Comparing Texts

Document Analysis

If copies of the book may be found it may be worth it to have students read a chapter out of the book. This guide includes questions for each chapter along with enrichment activities (both for the book and the film)12 Years A Slave Reading Questions

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AP Psychology Lesson Plans and Worksheets

AP Psychology Lesson Plans and Worksheets

While I never had an opportunity to teach the AP Psychology Lesson Plans and Worksheets (though I did receive training before we moved out of state), I thought it might be nice for other AP teachers to take advantage of the guides provided. Documents are either pdf or doc/docx.

Teacher’s Guide for AP PsychAP Psychology Teachers Guide

Google Site: AP Psych File Cabinet: Includes lessons, PowerPoints, docs, articles, pdfs for 15 different units. Includes test-prep review materials: The AP Psych File Cabinet

The Basics of Research PowerPoint can be downloaded here.

40 Studies: A book that covers the 40 most important studies for Psychology. Includes student worksheets and questions

40 Studies Book

40 Studies Summary

40 Studies that Changed Psych Worksheet

40 Studies Student Question Sheet

Old AP Tests used for practice exams
2008 AP Psych MC Exam and Key

2007 AP Psych MC Exam and Key

2004 AP Psych MC Exam and Key

1994 AP Psych MC Exam and Key

1996 AP Pysch MC Exam and Key

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Encoding Numbers in the Real World

Encoding Numbers in the Real World
Directions: Use the handout to research the following links

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Servo Motors

Servo Motors

Setup your breadboard and Arduino using the image below:

Servo Motor Image

Once your image is setup, use the code below to control the Servo

Servo Motor Code

Stuck on Servo Motor? Try this site here: Servo Motor Tutorial

Servo Questions
1 What real-world things use a Servo Motor? Come-up with 3 examples.

2 What could you create with a Servo Motor? How about two Servo Motors?

Servo Challenges:
1 Try to make the Servo Motor go 300 degrees.

2 Try to make the Servo Motor go 90 degrees

3 Try to make the Servo Motor go x degrees (your choice)

4 What happens if you make the Servo Motor go 460 degrees?
HINT: You may need to delete a For() function.

5 Ask for another Servo Motor and try to get two Servo Motors to work at the sametime. What would you need to add? What would your code look like?

6 As a challenge try adding a Potentiometer Knob here to control the location of the Servo Motor. Use the link below.

Potentiometer Knob and Servo Motor

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Intro to Internet Privacy

Intro to Internet Privacy

Visit the following and link and address the questions. Be sure to navigate to each page on the link.

Internet Safety Link
1. Why do people believe they are safer online than they actually are?
2. Explain the following internet threats
A. Malware
B. Phishing
C. Virus
D. Clickjacking
E. Browser Hijacking
G. Trojan Horse
3. What are three ways your internet privacy and safety can be violated?
4. Explain the following internet safety terms
A. Meme
B. Troll
C. Sockpuppet
D. Avatar
5. Google and Bing yourself using quotes. If information appears you do not like you can request Google or Bing to remove it.
You may need to have an account with Google or Microsoft in order to request a removal.

Google Contant/Info Removal

Bing Content/Info Removal

Note: If you identify any images or information contained in the search you do not like you can ask Google and Bing to remove them. Most search engines allow for that to happen BUT it may take several weeks before they are completely removed.

6 Ask yourself, how are your privacy settings on your social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc? Are they open for anyone or just “Friends”?

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Madagascar Lesson Plans World Geography

Madagascar Lesson Plans World Geography

Student’s will research an animal, complete a writing assignment, and describe how humans have interacted with the animals. Upon completion of the assignment student’s will view Madagascar I, Madagascar II, and Madagascar III and answer questions Student’s read a brief outline of Madagascar and answer 10 questions. Students then complete some zoological questions regarding different animal species.  For more World Geography Lesson Plans Click Here.

Madagascar Reading Students read an outline of the country of Madagascar and answer 10 questions. Students then complete some zoological questions prior to watching the film.

Madgascar Activity I Teacher Answers for the above activity. Note that this packet also contains additional activities.

Madagascar Activity II Peace Park Reading: Peace Park Reading Activity.

Animal Research Project: Assignment outline and grading rubric.
Links have been provided below for the animals to research.
*Wikipedia is a good source for basic information. The links at the bottom of the page often contain additional websites that are helpful in research.
*You may also use National Geographic Animal Search Feature.
*Another resource is the World Wildlife Fund Endangered Species List

Animal Research Links Webcam Link
Asian Elephant Asian Elephant Wikipedia;
Asian Elephant National Geographic
Elephant Cam
African Elephant African Elephant Wikipedia; African Elephant National Geographic/ African Elephant Cam
Giraffe Giraffe Wikipedia Giraffe Cam
Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel Wikipedia
Dromedary Camel Dromedary Wikipedia
Black Rhinoceros Black Rhinoceros Wikipedia Rhino Cam
Indian Rhinoceros Indian Rhinoceros Wikipedia Rhino Cam
Toucan Toucan Wikipedia
Penguin Penguin Wikipedia Penguin Cam
Emu Emu Wikipedia
Kangaroo Kangaroo Wikipedia
Koala Koala Wikipedia
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Wikipedia Bald Eagle Cam
Zebra Zebra Wikipedia
American Bison American Bison American Bison Cam
Wildebeest Wildebeest Wikipedia Wildebeest Cam
Japanese Macaque Japanese Macaque Wikipedia Japanese Macaque Cam
Jaguar Jaguar Wikipedia Jaguar Cam
Lion Lion Wikipedia Lion Cam
Gorilla Gorilla Wikipedia Gorilla Cam
Musk Deer Musk Deer Wikipedia
Orangutan Orangutan Wikipedia Orangutan Cam
Hippopotamus Hippopotamus Wikipedia Hippo Cam
Hyacinth Macaw (blue) Hyacinth Macaw (Blue) Wikipedia
Polar Bear Polar Bear Wikipedia Polar Bear Cam
Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) Siberian Tiger Wikipedia Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) Cam
Panda Panda Wikipedia Panda Cam
Burmese Python Burmese Python Wikipedia
Indian Cobra Indian Cobra Wikipedia
Ostrich Ostrich Wikipedia Ostrich Cam
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Jared Diamond Collapse Lesson Plan

Jared Diamond Collapse Lesson Plan

For use as an end-of-the-year activity.

Activities that support the film.

Collapse is a National Geographic film that looks at societies in the past for how they collapsed and disappeared. It’s a good film to use with the lesson plans below as it forces students to think critically about current society.

Premium Lesson Plans

I have a set of premium lesson plans you can use with the film. It has a viewing guide and a student discussion sheet where they analyze three different cultures(Anasazi, Vikings, Easter Islanders), complete charts, and answer questions. As well as a PowerPoint to help lead a discussion and provide instruction.

If you’re not interested in the premium lesson plans you can use the free handouts I’ve reworked from a Tread Lightly lesson plan to make your own. It contains three different cultures students need to analyze as well as a review of the causes and consequences of Climate Change.

Note: Full copies may be purchased from National Geographic. The video below comes in parts.

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Lesson Plans World History II SOL 16d Terrorism

Lesson Plans World History II SOL 16d Terrorism

Standards: The student will demonstrate knowledge of cultural, economic, and social conditions in developed and developing nations of the contemporary world by

Objectives: Analyzing the increasing impact of terrorism.

Lesson Plans: Introduction: A Bell-ringer activity
Notes: Students copy-down and discuss teacher generated notes
Activities: Students complete various in class activities to support learning including video analysis, maps, charts, diagrams, graphic organizers, worksheets, text-book questions, group discussion, KWL Charts etc.
Assessment: Informal, Formal, Exit-Questions, Teacher Questioning. Quizzes, Tests, Projects.

Essential Knowledge:

Examples of international terrorism
• Munich Olympics
• Terrorist attacks in the United States
(e.g., 9/11/2001) motivated by extremism (Osama bin Laden).
• Car bombings
• Suicide bombers
• Airline hijackers
Governmental responses to terrorist activities
• Surveillance
• Review of privacy rights
• Security at ports and airports
• Identification badges and photos

Activities that support lesson plans
Terrorism Analysis chart Questions Questions for use with Chart in World History II Scope and Sequence.

What is Terrorism Reading: Students read an article and answer questions on Terrorism.

Madrid Train Bombing: A reading on the Madrid Train Bombing

American Terrorist Oklahoma City Bombing: A reading on the Oklahoma City Bombing.

A History of Terrorism Schlessinger Media: Questions for use with the Schlessinger Video.

Sept 11th 2001 Terrorist Attack Video: