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Madagascar Lesson Plans World Geography

Madagascar Lesson Plans World Geography

Student’s will research an animal, complete a writing assignment, and describe how humans have interacted with the animals. Upon completion of the assignment student’s will view Madagascar I, Madagascar II, and Madagascar III and answer questions Student’s read a brief outline of Madagascar and answer 10 questions. Students then complete some zoological questions regarding different animal species.  For more World Geography Lesson Plans Click Here.

Madagascar Reading Students read an outline of the country of Madagascar and answer 10 questions. Students then complete some zoological questions prior to watching the film.

Madgascar Activity I Teacher Answers for the above activity. Note that this packet also contains additional activities.

Madagascar Activity II Peace Park Reading: Peace Park Reading Activity.

Animal Research Project: Assignment outline and grading rubric.
Links have been provided below for the animals to research.
*Wikipedia is a good source for basic information. The links at the bottom of the page often contain additional websites that are helpful in research.
*You may also use National Geographic Animal Search Feature.
*Another resource is the World Wildlife Fund Endangered Species List

Animal Research Links Webcam Link
Asian Elephant Asian Elephant Wikipedia;
Asian Elephant National Geographic
Elephant Cam
African Elephant African Elephant Wikipedia; African Elephant National Geographic/ African Elephant Cam
Giraffe Giraffe Wikipedia Giraffe Cam
Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel Wikipedia
Dromedary Camel Dromedary Wikipedia
Black Rhinoceros Black Rhinoceros Wikipedia Rhino Cam
Indian Rhinoceros Indian Rhinoceros Wikipedia Rhino Cam
Toucan Toucan Wikipedia
Penguin Penguin Wikipedia Penguin Cam
Emu Emu Wikipedia
Kangaroo Kangaroo Wikipedia
Koala Koala Wikipedia
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Wikipedia Bald Eagle Cam
Zebra Zebra Wikipedia
American Bison American Bison American Bison Cam
Wildebeest Wildebeest Wikipedia Wildebeest Cam
Japanese Macaque Japanese Macaque Wikipedia Japanese Macaque Cam
Jaguar Jaguar Wikipedia Jaguar Cam
Lion Lion Wikipedia Lion Cam
Gorilla Gorilla Wikipedia Gorilla Cam
Musk Deer Musk Deer Wikipedia
Orangutan Orangutan Wikipedia Orangutan Cam
Hippopotamus Hippopotamus Wikipedia Hippo Cam
Hyacinth Macaw (blue) Hyacinth Macaw (Blue) Wikipedia
Polar Bear Polar Bear Wikipedia Polar Bear Cam
Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) Siberian Tiger Wikipedia Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) Cam
Panda Panda Wikipedia Panda Cam
Burmese Python Burmese Python Wikipedia
Indian Cobra Indian Cobra Wikipedia
Ostrich Ostrich Wikipedia Ostrich Cam