Technology Game Links

Technology Game Links

Cryptography Games
Crypto Club: Crack Ciphers
Break the Code: CIA Games
Brainteasers: Crypto and Codes

Elevator Saga:

A javascript programming game

Hex Invaders

Learn about Hexadecimal Colors.

Dos Games

Try Oregon Trail

Lost Crown of Queen Ann
Air Traffic Controller

House at the Edge of Time

Mayan Math: Use the Mayan Number System

Egyptian Math: Use the Egyptian Number System

Erase All Kittens!

Peter Packet: Help Peter navigate the internet to deliver a message!

Cisco Binary Game: Arcade Style!

Billy the Bug: Help Him Find Food!

Navigate a Maze!

Help Greg Stock the Shelves!

Code Combat: Save the World!

BrainPop Computer Science
Help a Robot Get Around

Help a Puppy

Guide a Spaceship

Create Patterns

Block Challenge

Maze Challenge

Control a Turtle

Fun with Circuits

Build with Arduinos, Pis and more!