About Me

I am in constant pursuit of new knowledge and challenges. I derive complete satisfaction from learning/doing something new and sharing it/using it to help others.

I especially enjoy learning, sharing and debating the finer points of history, politics, technology, and languages (both computer and other).

I am a lover of history ever since my parents took me on a Civil War vacation when I was 12. A two-week and five-state jaunt through battlefields in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  That experience kicked off a life-long desire to learn and share knowledge, especially about history.

Since then, I have spent countless hours volunteering at national, state, and local museums. I once spent an entire summer as an intern with the National Museum of American History. I have even gotten film and TV jobs!

History has informed my life , my hobbies (I collect 78 records, campaign paraphernalia, militaria, 1940s technology, vintage clothing, and do historical reenactments), my writing (I edited and published a veteran’s diary), and has spurred me to learn more about both the world I live in and the people, cultures, and places that are a part of it.

For more information about me please see my Publications, Web Development, and Willie and Joe Studios (a showcase for my small-bore technology products).

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