Web Development

Web Development Showcase

Web Development Skills:
Code Academy Page: Patrick Costa Code Academy Page
Computer Languages/Skills completed: PHP and HTML/CSS.

Computer Languages/Skills completed: Coursework in PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS.

Web Development Products:
Willie and Joe Studios: My Showcase for some small-bore technology products.

GitHub: Some other tech products and code are also posted on my GitHub account.

Web Development Work Projects:
-Website redesign for an author including custom CSS and PHP. Included, SEO consultative services.

Website redesign
Website work including custom PHP and CSS and SEO services.


-Wrote 50+ pages of plugin technical documentation for a site that has over 2 million plugin downloads: dFactory.com
-Site configuration for popular Atlanta restaurant: Paschalsatlanta.com
-Website redesign for a site that receives 40,000 hits monthly: Hoops-Nation.com
-Designed website for a dental discount marketing campaign: Restoreursmile.com
-Wrote 100 pages of technical content for a support page redesign: Theme4Press
-Offered advice and provide technical support for a support resolution process: Guided Choice Dispute Resolution Process
-My older website created to display some historical research using an early HTML version: 88th Infantry Division

Web Developer Reviews
My Fiverr.com account, a place for small gigs.

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