Web Design Unit Code Academy

Web Design Unit Code Academy

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Web Design Unit Code Academy

This web design unit code academy unit uses the CodeAcademy.com tutorials. Students are to then complete the following questions. The questions for each unit are linked to a Google Document. This Google Document cannot be edited by the student. You are welcome to copy and paste the information from the Google Doc and edit it for your needs.  As part of this unit, students should complete the tutorials, the questions, and the practicals.

Web Design Unit Code Academy: Quizzes Table

HTML Basics I Quiz HTML Basics II Quiz HTML Basics III Quiz

Web Design Unit Code Academy: Tutorial Table

     Unit 1 Part I: HTML Basics Unit 2 Part I: HTML Basics II
Unit 2 Part II: Social Networking Profile Unit 3 Part I: HTML Basics III Unit 3 Part II: Clickable Photo Page
 Unit 4 Part I: CSS Overview  Unit 4 Part II: Design a Button for your Website  Unit 5 Part I: CSS Selectors

Helpful Websites

W3 Schools HTML and CSS Tutorials, Guides, Examples