Technology Lesson Plans

Technology Lesson Plans

Technology Lesson Plans: STEM Career Project

Students research a STEM field and create a report on it.

Click here to view project outline, sources, and rubricSTEM Project Reflection Questions

Technology Lesson Plans: Electricity

Students learn about the basics of electricity.

Bill Nye Electricity Video QuestionsBill Nye Video LinkEnergy and Electricity Game

Technology Lesson Plan: Circuits

Students learn about circuits by building their own using Snap Circuits.

GAME 1 Circuit Builder       GAME 2: Circuit Builder
BrainPOP Video ElectricitySnap Circuit Building Challenges ISnap Circuits Building Challenges IISnap Circuits Building Challenges III
Circuit Worksheet PracticeCircuit Drawing Activity. This activity is credited to: Circuit Experiments: Project 1,2,7,8Snap Circuit Experiments: Projects 53, 80, 81
       Snap Circuits Experiment-Project GuidesSnap Circuit FINAL PROJECT

Technology Lesson Plans: Circuit Quizzes

Snap Circuit Premium Quizzes here.

Technology Lesson Plans: Human Computer Interaction

Students learn about computer parts and terms.

Binary Flippy do and Activity SheetComputer Basics: Computer vs ComputingComputer Basics: CPUsComputer Basics: RAM and ROM and Storage Devices
Computer Basics: Operating Systems Comparison WorksheetComputer Basics: –Computer Hardware Research Web Hunt–

**Computer Hardware Labeling Activity**

Computer Buying Project

Technology Lesson Plans: Infographics

Students use data to create an infographic.

Infographic ActivityInfographic Project

Technology Lesson Plans: Internet Unit

Students complete some assignments related to internet privacy and security.

Intro to Internet Privacy

Technology Lesson Plans: Web Design Unit

Students complete several modules and answer questions related to building a website using Code Academy.

Web Design Unit

Technology Lesson Plans: Scratch Unit

Students attempted to create an “About Me” program using MIT’s Scratch.


Students used the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set 9797.

Link to Build:  ExpressBot Instructions as a PDF
ExpressBot Instructions as a Webpage

Once the bot was built I spent a couple days going over the software and a day going over the parts of the robot and discussing the different sensors the robot could have. I then gave the students challenges:

Dance Challenge: Students select school- appropriate music approved by me and choreograph the robot to dance/move to the sound

Maze Challenge: Students design a maze for other teams to complete. Teams then program the robot to complete their assigned maze.

If students had extra time they could play these tech related games: Technology Game Links

Technology Resources

Special shoutout to a group of students working hard to learn about motors! These kids have an excellent resource they suggest you use to learn more about Tesla and the Induction Motor.

A good resource that has lots more games on it

Explains electricity in more detail: