Technology Lesson Plans

Technology Lesson Plans

Technology Lesson Plans: STEM Career Project

Students research a STEM field and create a report on it.

Click here to view project outline, sources, and rubricSTEM Project Reflection Questions

Technology Lesson Plans: Electricity

Students learn about the basics of electricity.

Bill Nye Electricity Video QuestionsBill Nye Video LinkEnergy and Electricity Game

Technology Lesson Plan: Circuits

Students learn about circuits by building their own using Snap Circuits.

GAME 1 Circuit Builder       GAME 2: Circuit Builder
BrainPOP Video Electricity Directions and QuestionsSnap Circuit Building Challenges ISnap Circuits Building Challenges IISnap Circuits Building Challenges III
Circuit Worksheet PracticeCircuit Drawing ActivitySnap Circuit Experiments: Project 1,2,7,8Snap Circuit Experiments: Projects 53, 80, 81
       Snap Circuits Experiment-Project GuidesSnap Circuit FINAL PROJECT

Technology Lesson Plans: Circuit Quizzes

Snap Circuit Premium Quizzes here.

Technology Lesson Plans: Human Computer Interaction

Students learn about computer parts and terms.

Binary Flippy do and Activity SheetComputer Basics: Computer vs ComputingComputer Basics: CPUsComputer Basics: RAM and ROM and Storage Devices
Computer Basics: Operating Systems Comparison WorksheetComputer Basics: –Computer Hardware Research Web Hunt–

**Computer Hardware Labeling Activity**

Computer Buying Project

Technology Lesson Plans: Infographics

Students use data to create an infographic.

Infographic ActivityInfographic Project

Technology Lesson Plans: Internet Unit

Students complete some assignments related to internet privacy and security.

Intro to Internet Privacy

Technology Lesson Plans: Web Design Unit

Students complete several modules and answer questions related to building a website using Code Academy.

Web Design Unit

Technology Lesson Plans: Scratch Unit

Students attempted to create an “About Me” program using MIT’s Scratch.


Students used the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set 9797.

Link to Build:  ExpressBot Instructions as a PDF
ExpressBot Instructions as a Webpage

Once the bot was built I spent a couple days going over the software and a day going over the parts of the robot and discussing the different sensors the robot could have. I then gave the students challenges:

Dance Challenge: Students select school- appropriate music approved by me and choreograph the robot to dance/move to the sound

Maze Challenge: Students design a maze for other teams to complete. Teams then program the robot to complete their assigned maze.

Technology Game Links

If students had extra time they could play these tech related games: Technology Game Links

Technology Resources

Special shoutout to a group of students working hard to learn about motors! These kids have an excellent resource they suggest you use to learn more about Tesla and the Induction Motor.

A good resource that has lots more games on it

Explains electricity in more detail: