World History II Review of Wars



World History II Review of Wars, Conflicts and Revolutions

Lesson Plans for World History II Review of Wars Conflicts and Revolutions
Activity includes more conflicts than in image

World History II Review of Wars, Conflicts and Revolutions Lesson Plans/Activities were designed for use with the Virginia Standards of Learning 2012 standards. They can be used as part of a unit, homework, or stand-alone activity. Purchasing this product gives the buyer the right to make as many copies as the buyer wants for educational purposes for as long as buyer wants.

World History II Review of Wars, Conflicts and Revolutions has 47 student questions in a matching format. Includes word-bank for students to use. Student handout is two pages. First page includes topics and second page includes the matching terms.  Designed for use with the World History II SOLs in Virginia as part of the Standards of Learning end of year tests. Teachers may assign this as homework or as an in-class activity.

Includes teacher answers in a powerpoint format.

Selected Topics for Students to Match Include:

Conquered the Incas_____
Powerless Japanese Military Leader_____
Glorious Revolution____
English Civil War____
Oliver Cromwell____
French Revolution Causes____
Napoleon Bonaparte____
Simon Bolivar____
Toussaint L’Ouverture____
Father Miguel Hidalgo____
Revolutions of 1848_____
Italian Unification_____
German Unification_____
Franco-Prussian War_____
Boxer Rebellion (China); Zulu Wars (Africa) and Sepoy Rebellion (India)_____
World War One causes_______

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