World Geography Study Guide First Quarter



World Geography Study Guide First Quarter/Nine Weeks

Activities and Lesson Plans were designed for use with the Virginia Standards of Learning 2012 standards. They can be used as part of a unit, homework, or stand-alone activity. Purchasing this product gives the buyer the right to make as many copies as the buyer wants for educational purposes for as long as buyer wants.

World Geography Study Guide: First Quarter/Nine Weeks Review

Includes over fifty student questions, dozens of key terms, push-pull factors, human geography, conflicts, map projections, regions, continents, latitude/longitude, vegetation, climate, themes of geography, cultural features/important buildings, political units, human population, and questions related to US and Canada political and physical features. Includes one map. Study Guide is three pages.

Teacher answers are not included

File size is less than 1MB and needs an unzipping tool. Requires software that can read Microsoft word and PowerPoint. This allows teachers to quickly make changes to the documents.

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