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WordPress.COM PayPal Payment Problems

Troubleshooting WordPress.COM PayPal Payment Problems

This article outlines several different methods to solve WordPress.COM payment problems as it relates to PayPal.

WordPress PayPal


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WordPress.COM Search Engine Indexing

Search Engine

Search Engine Indexing for WordPress.COM

Publishing your blog does not make it show-up in search engines. Major search engine companies such as Google use spiders or bots to scan and search your site.

Search Engine

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Basic WordPress Troubleshooting

Basic WordPress.COM Troubleshooting

If you run into issues with WordPress.COM here are some basic initial steps you can take to solve the problem.

I was told there would be support
I was told there would be support

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78 Records Project Series

78 Records Production

Starting a new portfolio series: The 78 Records Project Series. Click on the link to learn more about those classic 78s

78 Records Project Series

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Human and Physical Geography Current Event Assignment SOL 2b and 12b

Task: Find TWO current events and relate them to geography.

One must be related to the physical aspect of geography (such as (weather, climate, landforms, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes etc.)  and one must be related to the human aspect of geography (such as population, ethnic groups, culture, human conflicts, international organizations, human cooperation, disputed areas, push+pull factors, migration, Human-Environmental Interaction etc.)

Directions: For each aspect summarize the article (in 2-3 sentences) and describe/explain the connection to the physical or human aspect of geography (in 2-3 sentences). Include a Works Cited Page that gives the title of the article, the author or organization that published it, the date it was published, and the link to it.

This article is about ethnic conflict in the country of South Sudan. The conflict is between two South Sudanese tribes: The Dinka and the Nuer. This article is an example of human geography because it focuses on ethnic conflicts. Ethnic conflicts often are a result of tensions between two different human groups. Additionally, the United Nations has peacekeepers inside South Sudan attempting to stop violence.

Works Cited:
Title: Sudan: Conflict has promoted Ethnic Tensions, says Official
Author: Sudan Tribune
Date: Sept 24th, 2014

Resources to use for current event:


New York Times

Google News Search

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WG SOL 2bc Human Environmental Interaction


TASK: Analyze Chernobyl by completing the following: