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World War II Combat Lessons and Army Talks

Combat Lessons and Army Talks

Army Talks

Army Talks was a series of short works published for GIs in the European theater of World War II “to help them become better-informed men and women and therefore better soldiers.”

Army Talks began publication in 1943, and continued through the end of the war in Europe. Issues were usually published on a weekly or biweekly basis, and each had its own title and topic. The pamphlets contained articles, combat tips, proclamations, maps, drawings, cartoons, news, updates, and other general information.

Some links download from this site while other links go to my dropbox account. If DropBox gives you errors or cannot connect, please try clearing your browser’s cache, and cookies and disable any third-party plugins (such as adblocker or Privacy Badger) as they may interfere with the ability of DropBox to render the pdfs. Special thanks to the 90th ID for making some of these available.

If you would like purchase copies you can do so through Wartime Press. I’m not sure if the copies are exact reproductions. If they are, it would be very neat to see these in the field.

Volume I: Army Talks

Vol I. No. 10, Battle of Atlantic 12-01-1943

Volume II: Army Talks

 Vol. II, No 2, Two Years of War (12 Jan. 1944)   Vol. II, No 5, The Good General (2 Feb. 1944)
  Vol. II, No 8, France (23 Feb. 1944)  
Vol II No. 12, The Army is quite a thing, 3-22-1944
Vol. II, No 15, Teamwork (12 Apr. 1944)Vol. II, No 16, Brains, Guts and Concrete (19 Apr. 1944) Vol. II, No 17, Queen of Battle (26 Apr. 1944)  
    Vol. II, No 25, See yourself as Jerry sees you! (21 Jun. 1944)
 Vol II No. 27 July 1944 Notes from Normandy Vol. II No. 29 Air Power, 7-19-1944Vol. II, No 30, Seven against the World! (26 Jul. 1944)
 Vol II No 32 Aug 1944 What You Should Know about FranceVol. II No. 33, Red Army Man,8-16-1944  
 Vol. II No 37 Sept 1944: Combat Medicine Vol II No. 39 Sept. 1944: What German POWs Say About YouVol II No 40 Oct 1944: What to do with Germany
 Vol II No. 42 1944-04-19: China 7 years at WarVol II No. 43 Nov 1944: What to do with War Criminals  Vol. II, No 45, Blueprint for WWIII (2 Dec. 1944)

Volume III: Army Talks

Vol. III, No 1, The Army in Europe (13 Jan. 1945) Vol. III, No 3, How to blunt a blitzkrieg (27 Jan. 1945)  Vol. III, No 5, How to keep house in a foxhole (10 Feb. 1945)
 Vol III No. 7 Feb 1945: We Came as Conquers Vol. III, No 9, Homefront USA and Total War (17 Mar. 1945) 
Vol. III, No 11, Operation Jackson (31 Mar. 1945)    

Combat Lessons

The Rank and file in combat, What they are doing, How they are doing it. The suggestions in Combat Lessons are drawn from the experience of the World War II American Soldiers in both Europe and the Pacific.

Volume 1 Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5
Volume 6 Volume 7Volume 8Volume 934th Infantry Division: Lessons Learned in Combat Sept 1944