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World War II Reproduction Equipment and Field Items

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This page will provide links and information on reproducing certain equipment and field items for the WW2 reenactor.

WW2 Era Footlockers 1943 – A schematic on how to reproduce the wooden WW2 era footlocker for enlisted men. I would highly recommend before attempting to remake it view the two different studies on it here (a .doc file) and here (a .pdf file). This will help get an idea of some of their slight differences.

WW2 Hedgehog Beach Obstacle – An outline of how to create and assemble the beach obstacle. This is the kind of obstacle seen at the Normandy Landings.

M1943 Field Table – This is the folding field table typically seen at field encampments.

Signal Corps

Signal Corps Wood Shipping Box – A pdf with a few notes on how to potentially reproduce a wooden shipping crate. Says “From Philadelphia Signal Depot ,Philadelphia” with Signal Corps logo. The wood in use is likely pine (as you can see the pine knots in the images). The Lid would have been flush with 5-6 nails each along the left and right sides (if looking at the box from above) and maybe 3 along the top and bottom (if looking at it from above). These nails would have been cheap “penny nails”.