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Troubleshooting FeedBurner For WordPress.COM

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Troubleshooting Feed Burner for WordPress

The purpose of this article is to acquaint users with the history of FeedBurner and provide some troubleshooting suggestions for WordPress.COM users.

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Posts Not Displaying in WordPress Reader


Posts Not Displaying in WordPress Reader

Purpose: This post explains how to troubleshoot solutions when your post does not display in the WordPress reader.
Audience: Beginner to Advanced

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Troubleshooting Sharing Buttons

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Troubleshooting WordPress.COM Post Sharing Buttons

Purpose: WordPress allows users to share and publicize their posts. The difference is while sharing buttons passively sit on the site waiting for someone to click, publicizing actively pushes the post to social media networks where the likelihood of a click is much greater. This post will focus on the sharing feature and provide some solutions to common sharing problems.

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30 Days in the WordPress Forum

30 Days in the WordPress Support Forum: Here are 9 things I learned

Having been blogging on and off for the past couple years and maintaining blogs during the school-year for my classes, I thought I might spend some time this summer in the WordPress Support Forums.

I’ve spent about 30 days in the support forum and learned some interesting lessons and insights:

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11 Ways NOT to write a WordPress Plugin

I’ve been tinkering with WordPress, blogging, and Web Development on and off for the past 15 years. I would start it and then stop it. Never really sure where to go or what to do.

This past school year I created a WordPress site for use with my classroom and pioneered some WordPress features in an educational context, such as WordPress Hunts to analyze points-of-view and Web Quests, where I provide a list of links in a post for students to visit with questions at the bottom for students to answer.

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