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WW2 Reenacting Handouts and Pamplets

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Easy 39th has a larger list of Pamphlets so if you don’t see what you want here you can head to that page.

Signal Corps Technical Information Letters

Signal Corps Technical Information Letter No 18 – May 1943. Outlines new training methods, procedures and equipment. One interesting story is how local police captured an illegal pinball den and donated the machines to Ft. Monmouth to be used as needed.

Signal Corps Technical Information Letter No 36 – Nov 1944. Outlines new training methods, procedures, and equipment. Discusses the fungi and moistureproofing techniques (which is some kind of lacquer spray), as well as the Silica Gel, used to pack equipment and an anti-radio jamming exercise among other interesting and nuanced signal corps minutia.

27th Signal Company Switchboard Trailers – During the Phase 1 Nansei Shoto Operation on Okinawa, the 27th Signal Company of the 27th Infantry Division created a special trailer to house a BD-96 switchboard and it’s BD-97 panel, test sets, EE8 field phones and other incidentals required to operate a BD-97 switchboard in a combat operation. The BD-96 is used to run up to 40 lines into it.

The trailer was used to be as mobile as possible during the operation. Being mounted in a trailer makes it so.

This type of configuration may have been used at the Battalion or more probably at the regimental level.

BD-96 and BD-97 images come from: TM 11-487B Directory of Signal Corps Equipments: Wire Communication Equipment.

Basic Wire Communication: Lineman’s Handbook: Wire Training Section Central Signals Replacement Training Center, Camp Crowder Missouri – This is a printable booklet and gives a very quick review of wire splicing, terminology, and organization

TM-184a Terminal Board Fabrication – This is a pdf that shows the schematics of how to fabricate the TM-184a terminal board. It is used as a terminating or test point in tactical field wire systems.

TM-184 T1 and T2 replace this. You can view the instructional manual for them here.

TM-184a and T1 and T2 hold 7 pairs wires. TM-84 holds 5 pairs of wires.

The Army Nurse

The Army Nurse Vol 2 No 1-8 Jan to Aug 1945 – The Army Nurse is a magazine-type publication for Army Nurses. It contains news and information related to the organization.

Comes from AFHRA Reel B1795.

The Army Nurse Vol 1 No 1-12 Jan to Dec 1945 – The Army Nurse is a magazine-type publication for Army Nurses. It contains news and information related to the organization.

Comes from AFHRA Reel B1795.


Templetone Model BP2-A5 Log Card – The Templetone Model BP-2A5 seemed to be some kind of morale radio for the troops. The log card would be placed under the front-cover so it would show when the cover was opened. Not sure why a morale radio would need a station log card?

Print in medium-weight beige cardstock. Print on both sides of the media and cut at crop marks to produce one Station Log card.

For a good history of the radio see: Templetone Model BP2-A5 “Morale Radio”.

BC-611 Frequency Card – This is the card that would go into the small window of the BC-611/SCR-546 radio

Camp Crowder Guide and Telephone Use – Looks to be a little handout given to folks arriving at Camp Crowder, MI.

For a look at some of the soldiers training at Camp Crowder See: Camp Crowder Signal Corps Training Center 27th Battalion, Co D as well as A Camera Trip at Camp Crowder. For a humorous take see the Pvt Roberts Comic Strip.

For additional Camp Crowder information see:

Medical and Surgical Technician’s Manual from Brooke General Hospital Jan 1944: Military First Aid – This is a refresher medical care manual for Enlisted Medical soldiers. You can find the complete manual at the Internet Archive. This document, however, only covers only basic Military First Aid

How to Shoot the US Army Rifle – The Infantry Journal, 1943.

Men-at-Arms German Combat Equipments 1939-45 – An Osprey publication that outlines what the German Equipment looks like.