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Thursday evening:
Apparently I have a birds nest right outside my window. I guess mama bird insists on chripping at odd hours including 2am, 3:20am, and 4:50am.


I went to my internship and took photos of dermatology equipment (for the smithsonians imaging database), researched more medical devices and the highlight was working two hours in the polio gallery. I talked to many people but two kids stood out. One must be destined for greatness (or an ass-kicking in high school) as he was wearing a T-shirt with the periodic table of elements and new way too much about science for his age. The other was a girl who was rabidly interested in the science stuff we had out. She came back numerous times and asked intelligent questions.

Also, check out this link to Giant Microbes. They have plush microbes for sale, including black death, lice, the common cold, the Clap and syphilis etc.

So I was walking through Lafayette Park
Enjoying the brisk afternoon, when suddenly, a protest of a seemingly spurious nature erupted. I found myself watching in awe as the protesteers were from various age cohorts. They were protesting Social Security Privatization with a chant of “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Privitization has got to go”. The chant was very medicore, however, catchy as I found myself several blocks away saying it under my breath (and I am for SS privitization).

I came back, had dinner which consisted of a can of chicken and freezedried fruits. I proceeded to the Rec Center and ran for an half an hour and lifted for about 20min; focusing on my lower body.

As luck would have I came back and a group of my dormmates, whom I met yesterday, were going to see the movie Crash. We walked to Dupoint Circle and at a little Italian Cafe. The interesting thing about the Italian Cafe, was that the sounds and sights in the Cafe were not italian. Up on the walls were french cafe paintings and playing overhead was Blue’s Travelers “Hook”. An odd juxtaposition, if I do say so.

There at the cafe I had two beers. Yuengling, which was a pleasent diverson from that mornings Smithsonian activities and a Foggy Bottom, which I will never order again. FB tasted rather bitter and “brunt”.

I decided not to go to movie, as I really just wanted to hangout with people of my own age for a bit. On the way back I stopped at a bookstore (which I will have to return too) and bought a book, “US Cold War Uniforms: 1945-1973″…its more of a reference book than anything.

Today, I will be heading to see some Civil War Battlefields and the city of winchester.