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In search of History, Beer and Breakfast


Visted Winchester and Bull Run Battlefields.

300 Yards from the CSA Line at Bull Run.
Me at the CSA Line at Bull Run

Good times had by me and my cousin and his friend. Winchester seems to be a sleepy town, lots of quaint little shops scattered about. However, it is not without it’s basics like a Wal-Mart (a supercenter to boot!) and a Papa Johns. I took a look at the housing market (God damn bubble) and I can not afford to buy a house, UNLESS I want to una-bomber stlye it up in a shack near/in the Application or Blue Ridge Mts. Apartments, on the other hand, are plenty and affordable.

Saturday Night:
Apparently, beer can be had out of a grocery mart behind 10pm. And I did not want to pay 5 dollars for a drink at a bar (at least not yet…). So I basically hung out with some of the people who live in the dorm. I also found a cup full of change sitting outside the entrence to the dorm…Hooray, I can do Laundry!!

Home Away From Home

Sunday Morning:
Apparently breakfast can not be had at 7pm, as nothing was open I walked a total of 10 blocks to find breakfast. It was not until I got back to the general vincity of my dorm that I tried Au Bon Pain. As luck would have it, ABP was open. After an exhaustive search of looking at the selection; I settled on an Apple Dutch Bagel, a Washington Apple (which is rapidly becoming, by default, my favorite apple) and a large cup of coffee. Total cost was 3.25. I think I found my new favorite breakfast spot.