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Happy B-day to me

Yeah today I am 23 years old. Go me. I had raison bread cake for dessert (it was actually part of my lunch) and I treated myself to a footlong subway, and in doing so got two more stamps to complete my card! I also had the best cup of coffee in my life. I went to Starbucks after subway for a cup of coffee. Now, normally starbucks is not my prime choice for coffee…I do not particularly care for it (although I am developing an “acquired” taste for it, as Gillian likes it and she was thoughtful in getting me a starbucks card) but it is everywhere in this city and it is very convienent. I got a tall cup of regular coffee, added some non-fat milk, two packets of splenda and two dashes of cinnaemon. My god the total blend was out of this world.

This will be my last post for quite sometime as I need to return the internet stuff to GWU Resnet and sometime in the next month get internet at an undetermined apartment somewhere in Danville.

Tommorow I am going to visit a museum and Friday is the White House Tour and my trip to Danville.

This is Pat Costa signing off!

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Paperwork Galore

Ugg…I finished paperwork for Danville and am 1/2 done with the exit paperwork for the Internship. Been doing some reading today. I am all finished with Macguyver Season 2 (Thanks babe!) and season 3 comes out in Aug.
I leave this friday for Danville and will not get in until late at night. I’m hopeful that I will get an apartment this weekend. It has been a worldwind summer in DC. I still have not done everything I wanted too, however, that means I’ll just have to come back.
I’m looking forward to finally starting a teaching career (and a steady paycheck!). I am grateful for every opportunity handed to me in my 22 years, I have great friends who have stuck by me (and me to them) since 5th grade. I also have wonderful friends from college I hope not to lose contact with. I have a wonderful family who has supported me in every endenver and a great girl of 8 months (no more garbage candy or bug pancakes!).
Oh yeah and I totally forgot…tommorow is my 23rd birthday. Yea me!

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Danville or bust!

I decided on Danville, VA to begin my teaching career. They want me down there July 18th and I will start teaching Aug 1st. Sometime between now and then I need to get an apartment, clean out my apartment in BG and get my stuff from my parents house. I think it can be done…it will be a rough few weeks .

Danville is, I believe a good place to start. It is on the border between VA and NC, spends a lot of money on parks and recreation, has a low teacher to student ratio. It also I think has a lot of opportunity to start a life. They have a lot of unused buildings, which I think I could steal a page from Matt Bishop and start my own business on the side….I was thinking a Jazz Bar. 🙂

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Got an Offer

Well I was offered a job by Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) today and I turned it down. It simply was not what I was looking for. However, I have a job interview Tuesday in Danville, VA (about 5 hrs away from the district) a 2pm. I figured I will drop Gillian, whom is coming this weekend to spend the 4th of July with me, at 7amish at the station and then I will head down to Danville. Hopefully, I can avoid all sorts of traffic. I’ll do the interview and then I will have dinner down there…maybe check out the area a little bit (the idea is to kill time to avoid traffic) and then head back to DC. Moreover, I believe I will have another interview next week with Winchester City Schools (not county…but city).

Gillian comes up this Sat at 6am, and we’ll spend the weekend together.

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I heard back from several more jobs. One got my application and is processing it and I got an interview Tuesday, next week in a Baltimore County school district. Woodlawn School, from what I can tell it has its positives and negitives. I also am going to apply to an Education Director at a WW2 museum in Auburn Indiana.

Also a good friend of mine Katie Kreuger, whom I have not seen in a while is here to stay for a couple days. I’m sorta showing her around DC and investigating parts of the city I have not been to yet. It’ll be fun.

Also today I scored a free Trival Pursuit Pop Culture 2

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Database Training

So yesterday, today and tommorow I will have MIMSEY training. MIMSEY is the database the the Smithsonian uses to catalog items. The training is incredibly boring. The program is the most anti-user friendly piece of software I have ever used. At times I just wanted to stick a red-hot poker in my eye…thats about how well the training and programs went.

I also took photographs of the objects, which is going quite good. I am becoming some what of a mediore photographer and I have realized that I really need a new digital camera.

I also got word that another place I applied too, turned me down :::sigh:::.