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Happy B-day to me

Yeah today I am 23 years old. Go me. I had raison bread cake for dessert (it was actually part of my lunch) and I treated myself to a footlong subway, and in doing so got two more stamps to complete my card! I also had the best cup of coffee in my life. I went to Starbucks after subway for a cup of coffee. Now, normally starbucks is not my prime choice for coffee…I do not particularly care for it (although I am developing an “acquired” taste for it, as Gillian likes it and she was thoughtful in getting me a starbucks card) but it is everywhere in this city and it is very convienent. I got a tall cup of regular coffee, added some non-fat milk, two packets of splenda and two dashes of cinnaemon. My god the total blend was out of this world.

This will be my last post for quite sometime as I need to return the internet stuff to GWU Resnet and sometime in the next month get internet at an undetermined apartment somewhere in Danville.

Tommorow I am going to visit a museum and Friday is the White House Tour and my trip to Danville.

This is Pat Costa signing off!

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