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Paperwork Galore

Ugg…I finished paperwork for Danville and am 1/2 done with the exit paperwork for the Internship. Been doing some reading today. I am all finished with Macguyver Season 2 (Thanks babe!) and season 3 comes out in Aug.
I leave this friday for Danville and will not get in until late at night. I’m hopeful that I will get an apartment this weekend. It has been a worldwind summer in DC. I still have not done everything I wanted too, however, that means I’ll just have to come back.
I’m looking forward to finally starting a teaching career (and a steady paycheck!). I am grateful for every opportunity handed to me in my 22 years, I have great friends who have stuck by me (and me to them) since 5th grade. I also have wonderful friends from college I hope not to lose contact with. I have a wonderful family who has supported me in every endenver and a great girl of 8 months (no more garbage candy or bug pancakes!).
Oh yeah and I totally forgot…tommorow is my 23rd birthday. Yea me!