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Library of Congress

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I went to the library of Congress for research today. The LOC is actually three different building. I went to the John Adams Building and conduct about two hours of research on medical history and devices.

I got a lot of information that I will need to sort out in the coming weeks, lots of references and citations. However, I got a free meal out of the deal, as I was able to save enough $ from the amount given to me for photocopy purchases. I bought pizza, flavored water and, of course, an apple.

I was also surprised today as I have a roommate. His name is Felix and he is from…Canada…the French part. And yes…its a lot of “eh” and “oh”. He is also an intern but at the Canadian embassy doing Transportation policy. He is apparently finishing up his Masters.

Additionally, I sent out two more job applications. One for Marietta Schools in GA and another for an Admin Assistant for a local county historical museum. Even better, I got calls yesterday and today about Job interviews at Frederick County (that’s winchester) and Anthony Wayne HS. I have an interview with Frederick County next week and I am sure I will be heading back to Pburg for an interview.

Go me!

Also, Congrats Gillian on getting the job!! 🙂 Maybe you could use the money to buy a new car. 😛