World History II Russian Revolution Worksheet



World History II Russian Revolution Worksheet

Activities and Lesson Plans were designed for use with the Virginia Standards of Learning 2012 standards. They can be used as part of a unit, homework, or stand-alone activity. Purchasing this product gives the buyer the right to make as many copies as the buyer wants for educational purposes for as long as buyer wants.

This Russian Revolution worksheet is designed for use in a block schedule according to the Virginia World History II SOLs. This is a single front-to-back pdf worksheet in which students analyze Lenin’s Call to Power speech, complete a Cause-and-Effect chart, match definitions, read an eye-witness account of the death of the Czar, read a short excerpt of the Russian Civil War, and analyze a political cartoon.  Questions are scaffolded from lower-order to high-order according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Due to the nature of the questions, teacher answers are not included.

Lenin’s Call To Power speech: Students complete four questions
Cause-and-Effect Chart: Students fill in the chart (four blanks)
Matching: Four terms with word-bank
Death of the Czar Account: Students complete four questions
Russian Civil War Excerpt: Students answer five questions
Political Cartoon: Students complete two questions.

File size is less than 1MB and comes as a .pdf. It also needs an unzipping tool and requires software that can read pdfs.

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