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Lesson Plan World History SOL 12b Holocaust

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Lesson Plan World History SOL 12b Holocaust:

Standards SOL 12a: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by

Objective: Examining the Holocaust and other examples of genocide in the twentieth century.

Essential Knowledge:

• Genocide: The systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial, political, religious, or cultural group
• Totalitarianism combined with nationalism
• History of anti-Semitism
• Defeat in World War I and economic depression blamed on German Jews
• Hitler’s belief in the master race
• Final solution: Extermination camps, gas chambers
Other examples of genocide
• Armenians by leaders of the Ottoman Empire
• Peasants, government and military leaders, and members of the elite in the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin
• Artists, technicians, former government officials, monks, minorities, and other educated individuals by Pol Pot in Cambodia
• Tutsi minority by Hutu in Rwanda

Activities that support lesson plan:

Diary of Anne Frank and Night excerpts : Anne Frank and Night reading excerpts

Night Reading: Night reading excerpts

Auschwitz: If you Cried you Died Support materials for the video Auschwitz: If you Cried you Died.

If you Cried You Died Teacher’s Guide: Teacher’s guide for If you Cried you Died.

Genocide Map Label and color code the locations of different genocides.

Genocide Video Viewing Viewing Guide for use with Global Issues: Genocide video

Holocaust Webquest Students analyze different websites. Earphones required for audio sources.

One Survivor Remembers: Documents that go with Gerda Weissmann’s story.

Greda Weissmann Intro Introduction Powerpoint

Holocaust Primary Documents Chart for students to analyze Gerda Weissmann’s documents

One Survivor Remembers Primary Documents Handouts Handouts for students to analyze and complete chart.

One Survivor Remembers Gerda Weissmann’s Interview Interview with Gerda Weissmann

OSR Guide 2010 final One Survivor Remembers Teacher’s Guide

One Survivor Remembers Viewing Guide Video Viewing Guide for One Survivor Remembers.

You can view the Gerda Weissmann’s Story Here:

You can visit One Survivor Remembers Website at Teaching Tolerance

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