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WW2 Reproduction Medical Labels and Paperwork Printables

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This article will be broken into different sections and contain links to different kinds of medical paperwork and labels that are printable for us and reference for WW2 reenacting.

After Action Report for 75th Armored Medical Battalion of 5th Armored Division – While not a paperwork item per say it does discuss actions related to the medical battalion. Which might be useful in crafting an impression. Also a good example of how to write an after action report and what it looks like. Covers August 1944 to May 1945 and includes A, B, and C companies. Mostly a mention of movements, events, losses, and personal changes.

Sex Hygiene and Venereal Disease – 1940.

WWII Navy Corpsman Lejon Medical Brandy – These are Lejon Brandy branded, Medical Apricot Brandy bottle labels used by Navy Corpsman in WW2. Includes instructions and labels.

Wound Tablets. Put 8 empty blister tablets inside or smarties. Would go inside the individual First Aid tin. Print on 8.5×11 piece of paper.

Wound tablet lable. Shows wound soldier taking tablets