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Buddy Record Label

Buddy Record Label: 1923-1926

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Buddy Record Label (1917-1934)

The Buddy Label was produced between 1923-and 1926 by Starr Piano Company. The label featured companies along the side that had nothing to do with Starr Piano.

Music Genres: Country, Jazz, Blues, “Race-Records”, Gospel, novelty, obscure, Hopi Indian Songs, political speeches, sound effects, Christmas greetings, and Klu Klux Klan Propaganda (pressed on the KKK’s labels 100%, 100% American, Hitch, or KKK)

Buddy Label

Buddy Record Label: 1923-1926
Buddy Record Label: 1923-1926

1941-1945s Label: None

Post-WW2 Label: None

Numbers from start to 1945:

Notes: None

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