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Arduino Quiz

                  Use the word-bank to match the term to the correct description

LED Transistor DC Motor Servo Motor Resistor

1___________used to restrict electrical current

2__________type of motor that angles

3__________amplifies or boosts electrical power

4__________a type of light that takes 1.5 volts of power

5__________type of motor that spins

Examine the Arduino Board and match the number with the Arduino component. Use the word bank to help. Note: You will NOT use all the words in the word bank

Digital Pins Power Pins Voltage Regulator Reset Button

Arduino Picture

6_________________________(answer for number 1 in picture)

7_________________________(answer for number 2 in picture)

Arduino and Breadboard Practical Exercise: Look at the Arduino and Breadboard and answer the following questions. Note: The lack of power in the Arduino board does not constitute a correct answer.

Picture 1: Close-up

Arduino Problem Picture

Picture 2: Far away
Arduino Problem Setup 2

8 Identify one problem of this Breadboard set-up. Be specific as possible:

9 Identify another problem of this Breadboard set-up. Be specific as possible:

10 Explain what you would need to do to correct this Breadboard set-up. Be specific as possible.