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WG 3abc Regions and 6 Human Migration

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World Geography SOL 3abc and 6 Human Migration

Internet Search Questionnaire 3abc

World Geography SOL 3abc and SOL 6 Human Migration Powerpoint

Map Activity: Use the Blank Political Map to Complete the Regions Location Instructions

3abc Regions Location Map Blank Political Map

3abc Regions Location Map Instructions

Map Questions to complete when done: Use your notes, textbook OR map to answer:

  • 1. Where is the “Rust Belt”?
  • 2. In America, we call the region of Northern Africa and SW Asia “The Middle East.” What is another name for it?
  • 3. Where is the “Wheat Belt”?
  • 4. What is a goal of the European Union?
  • 5. What is the “Francophone World”?
  • 6. Name three countries in the Francophone World other than France.
  • 7. Why are regions important?

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