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The Weekend

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I spent a fanastic weekend with Gillian. We laughed, we cried and we damn near died (on several levels). It was great seeing her again after a two week interlude. I hope she is able to come down again. I took her to have, for the first time, ethopian food, and she liked it. We went to this place called Zeds and the meal was great! If you ever come down to DC this summer…I will take you there. We also, for breakfast today went Park Place Gourmet (everything in DC seems to be “gourmet). Park Place is a “breakfast buffet”, basically a buffet with food.
Needless to say…the whole time with her was one big (mis?)adventure. 🙂

I also got my car paid for and a parking spot and my internet hooked up…and yes I even have coveted cable tv for once! I have a car on campus, which means, I can take trips outside of the Washington DC area. I am hopeful that I will get to go to Baltimore, as it is less than an hour drive away.

To get an idea find Foggy Bottom-GWU (Follow the Orange line)...I am 1 minute away from that Metro Stop

Or this Map may help too:

Find H street and find the Hippo...I am diagnally top left from the in Crawford.

So if you ever come down to visit you know sorta where I am, however, it would be BEST if you do not bring a car down...rather take a bus,plane or train in.