Harmony Records

Harmony Red and Gold

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Harmony Records (1925-1932)

Columbia introduced Harmony as a budget label in Sept. 1925. It was discontinued in June 1932. Between 1925 and 1932, Harmony focused mainly on pseudonymous performances by Columbia stars. Harmony was priced at 50 cents mainly because the Harmony label did not record in the electrical recording technology. In the summer of 1949, CBS will revive the Harmony label in a puce color but will discontinue it by early 1950 after only about 100 reissues of Columbia material. By mid-1957 CBS will introduce a new redesigned Harmony label in a 45 format and LP format.

Pre-World War II:
1925-1932 Harmony label in red and gold lettering. May be seen as a light red too. The records go from #1 to #1128. Harmony also had a 6000 series that was produced in 1931. Though the numbers appear to be off, as the numbers go from #6000-#6508 with less than 30 records being actually produced.

Harmony Red and Gold
Harmony Red and Gold 1925-1932
Harmony Record Sleeve
Harmony Record Sleeve pre-WW2

The Georgia Strutters is an example of a group that could be found on Harmony. The Georgia Strutters were led on vocals by Perry Bradford and on Piano by Willie “Lion” Smith.

Georgia Strutters–Black Bottom Dance–Harmony #311. Recorded in 1926.

Fletcher Henderson used the pseudonym Dixie Stompers to record under a Harmony label. The Dixie Stompers recorded:

Spanish Shawl–Harmony #70. Recorded in 11/23/1925

Florida Stomp–Harmony #88. Recorded in 12/22/1925

Get It Fixed–Harmony #88. Recorded 12/22/1925

Post-World War II:
Harmony was revived after World War II by CBS. It lasted from 1949 to 1950. Puce in color,  yet it may also be seen in a purple-like color as well. Only about 100 were made going from #1000-#1100.

Harmony Puce Post World War II
Harmony Puce Post World War II

 1957 Revival:
Harmony was revived in 1957 and marketed both 45s and LP records.

Harmony LP 1957 Record
Harmony LP 1957 Record

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