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Went museuming (is that a word?) today. Saw some really cool stuff and had some interesting encounters.

–Sketchy Situation One: Man walking down street, at more than normal pace at 8:50am; had in his hands a JVC video-camera. See’s me and says, “Yo man, you want this?”. I pause…think about all the possible situations that could arise if I say “yes” and reply with a confident “no”. Man’s reply, as I hurridly walk away “I was goin’ give you this!”

–Sketchy Situation Two: Walking on the mall, towards the Washington Monument, when I was approached by a young male probably between the ages of 25-27. Now after living in DC for a while the next thing that usually happens is “Do you know where such and such address/street is?”. Not in this case, he asked me if I know where I could get some weed. I said nope and walked swiftly away.

–At the library of Congress, I looked through some old War of 1812 books but the highlight was an exhibit on George and Ira Gershwin! Ya know the man who brought you “Rhapsody in Blue”. And they had an exhibit on Bob Hope but I enjoyed the Vaudville elements of that exhibit more then the exhibit itself. Moreover, I was pleasently surprised by the artifact of Harry Houdini’s hand and leg cuffs!!!!

— I also stopped by Fords Theater (closed until Jne 19th) but the hosue where Lincoln was shot was open.
–All in all a damn good day.