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In Search of History II

Today I searched at Watergate Hotel for some sort of marker that incidates the events that took place there. I first asked Gift-Shop Lady about it. She looked at me for about 30 seconds…and she said “marker?”. I then explained about the watergate break in and I was looking for something that suggests it took place here. Again more silence…finally she respones…”no, no marker”.

I then left and wandered around until I found someone who might have a clue. The security agent at the side door suggusted trying 2600 Watergate. I walked over there to that location and the enterence into that part of the building was closed. Oh well…I have plenty of time this week.

-For dinner I decided against the meal of Tuna and Garbonzo beans out of cans and insteaded opted for Bertuccis, which is quite close. I called them and got the carry out section and ordered a Margheti pizza. All I have to say was that was the best 10.00 I ever spent.

The was clearly oven-baked, good spices, not too much cheese…everything had the look of a solid traditional pizza AND at a decent price I could afford! Moreover, they also gave me eight sourdough rolls! I think I may step out for a walk up a bit.