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Configuring the Grid Template for the Edin Theme

Grid Template

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Configuring the Grid Template for the Edin Theme

Purpose: This tutorial demonstrates the process to display the Grid Template in the Edin Theme and troubleshoot some common issues.
Audience: Intermediate to Advanced. If you self-identify as a beginning blogger please check out the WordPress Glossary for a better understanding of the key-terms.
Version: WordPress 4.0 or above.

Table of Contents:


Parent Page Hierarchy Creating Parent Page Creating Child Page
Check your work Creating more Child Pages Parent Page to Menu
Troubleshooting Notes Video Resources

Parent Page Hierarchy:
To set-up the grid template in the Edin Theme you must create a parent page and several child pages.
What is the difference? Think of the parent page as giving birth to several child pages.
The child pages will be separate pages BUT listed with the parent.

Parent Page Hierarchy
Parent Page Hierarchy

To Create your Parent Page use the following Instructions:
Dashboard–>New Page–>Page
Since this will be the parent page, leave the Parent Attribute set to default (no parent) BUT change Template from default to Grid Template

Parent Page
Parent Page: Note the attribute settings circled in red

To Create your Child Pages:
Dashboard–>New Page–>Page
Since this will be the child page you need to give it a parent page. Select the appropriate parent and keep the template to default.


To Check Your Work:
If done correctly, you will see a parent page and the child page beneath it with a dash in front of it.

Parent with Child
Parent with Child

Adding More Child Pages:

Yay! You are now a parent with child!

For the grid template to work well we need to add some more children. So let’s create some more kids!
Repeating the same process we can add more kids. In this example below, we have added 6 more.

Six Kids Created
Six Kids Created! Keep the Child Page Template to Default!

Ok the hard work is done!

Now we need to add the Parent Page to the Menu:
Be sure to select JUST your parent page to move over by clicking on “Add Menu.”
Don’t forget to SAVE!
Don’t worry about the kids, they will follow the parent!

Edin Theme Menu Selected
1. Parent Page Selected

Edin Theme Menu Transferred
2. Parent Page Transferred by selecting “Add Menu”

With the parent page transferred over we can check to make sure everything is working. Go to the front page of your Edin Theme and look for the circle in the top right. Click on it. It should display JUST your parent page.
When you click on that parent page and scroll to the bottom you should see your children.

Edin Theme Front Page Circle
1. Edin Theme Front Page Menu Circle

Edin Theme Front Page Menu
2. Edin Theme Front Page Menu
Child Pages Displayed
3. Child Pages Displayed

Troubleshooting Issues:

1.You lost your children. No worry! They can be found! The most likely culprit is the parent page template got shifted out of the the Grid Template. To fix go to Dashboard–>Page–>All Pages–>find the appropriate Parent Page and select Grid Template.

Parent Page no Kids
Parent Page Without Kids: If it looks like this review the template on the Parent Page and change it to grid.

2. Your children are running wild! They’re not where they should be! No worry: The most likely culprit is all your child pages got transferred over rather than just the parent page. To fix go to Dashboard–>Appearances–>Menus and click on the Parent and Child Pages and select “Remove” in red. By selecting “Remove” it only removes it from the menu not forever.
When done, SAVE your work. Then select JUST the the parent page and click on “Add Menu.” Then SAVE again. Removing the parent page from your menu automatically reverts it to the default template. Be sure to go back into the parent page and change the the template from default to grid.

Kids all over
If it looks like this you need to remove the Child Pages from the menu and JUST add the Parent Page.
Kids all over Menu Screen
If your Menu Structure looks like this you need to select each Child and the Parent Page and remove them
Remove selection Red
Notice the Remove in Red. Remove the Parent Page and all of the associated Child Pages
Add Parent Menu
Once the Parent and Child Menus are removed. Add back JUST the Parent Menu.
  1. Still Stuck? See this support document for some basic WordPress Troubleshooting solutions.
  2. Still Nothing? Try posting in the WordPress Forums for advice from the WordPress Community (you will have to create a login) or Contact Us.

1. If you select child pages as a grid template that is okay, although the default template is better as it makes it carry the default of the parent which is the grid template.
2. Pages have an attribute called “Order” beneath the template attributes. The order attribute specifies the order in which the child pages appear.

Order Attribute
Order Attribute in Red
  1. I have left the Menu Settings (beneath the Menu Structure) as “Primary Menu”. This means everything in this menu structure will be part of the Primary Menu and will show-up in the top-left circle on the front-page.
Menu Settings
Menu Settings

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