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DIY Making a Pick Case

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Hello everyone, have you ever wanted to make your own pick cases? But have never really been sure how, well this guide is your answer to creating your own case.


  • Sewing machine, Or needle
  • Thread
  • The material of your choice (I recommend corduroy, It looks good and feels good)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Velcro or buttons
  • Colored pencil for marking (I recommend white)
  • Ruler Instructions Reference: Skold, Thanks for that beautiful instructions and I referenced you so you would get the credit for the instructions, Not me (These are the instructions for the cases similar to what i make)
    You can also make different designs, such as the southord cases etc. It is a good idea to know how many picks you won’t to fit in the case before you design it.

  1. Cut around the rough plan of the base of the case (the main part.)
  2. Cut your pick pocket(s) out and sew it/them to the base. **The base is light blue, while the pocket is yellow**

3. Sew the pocket dividers to the length you wish to have it. **like so..**

4. You will need a flap that folds down so that when the case is folded the picks will not fall out of the top.

**sew along the top 1 cm of the flap “which is in blue”**

5. Now we are ready to sew the edging to neaten the case up.
( for leather this is not needed ). Grab your “seat belt material” and fold it in half over the edges and pin it there. sew along the inner edges of it.

if you cut this material use a gas torch or a stove to melt the edges so if something catches it the material won’t come apart.

*Almost finished*

6. Sew the Velcro or affix the buttons to the material, where you put them is your choice. You are now finished.


This is very fun and exciting thing to do, it takes practice and you won’t make a perfect case over night (Well not if you are used to using sewing machines. But I would rather make my case the buy one due to be able to customize what you would like your case to look like.

Thanks to all these people

Skold (Provided the instructions)
Zeke (Hosting this guide to all other people) Mum (Taught me how to sew :-p)