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Lesson Plans World History II SOL 8c

Lesson Plans World History II SOL 8c: Italian Unification

Standard WH II: The student will demonstrate knowledge of political and philosophical developments in Europe during the nineteenth century by:

Objectives: explaining events related to the unification of Italy and the role of Italian nationalists
Lesson Plans
Introduction: A Bell-ringer activity
Notes: Students copy-down and discuss teacher generated notes
Activities: Students complete various in class activities to support learning including video analysis, maps, charts, diagrams, graphic organizers, worksheets, text-book questions, group discussion, KWL Charts etc.
Assessment: Informal, Formal, Exit-Questions, Teacher Questioning. Quizzes, Tests, Projects
Essential Knowledge:
Unification of Italy
• Count Cavour unified Northern Italy.
• Giuseppe Garibaldi joined southern Italy to northern Italy.
• The Papal States (including Rome) became the last to join Italy.

Activities That Support Lesson Plans

Premium Lesson Plan: Garibaldi Nationalism Speech: A worksheet where students analyze a speech. Includes teacher answers.
Unification of Italy A Play :Simulation of Italian Unification in a theatrical/play format.

Note: The above activities are best used with the Virginia Prentice Hall World History: The Modern Era textbook.

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