Recount 2000 Election Lesson Plan and Worksheet for Government SOLs


Recount 2000 Election Lesson Plan: Premium lesson plan for use with the HBO film Recount. Includes 20 question video viewing guide, a brief narrative of the 2000 election, and a .txt file that includes the second, minute, and hour marks of the swearing so teachers may block it out when showing in class.

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Recount 2000 Election Lesson Plan

Recount 2000 Election Lesson Plan are designed for use with the Virginia Standards of Learning 2012 standards. They can be used as part of a unit, homework, or stand-alone activity. Purchasing this product gives the buyer the right to make as many copies as the buyer wants for educational purposes for as long as buyer wants. Covers Virginia Govt SOLs. Lesson plan is for use the film, Recount. Teachers may need to purchase a copy of the film Recount.

Recount 2000 Election Lesson Plan

Lesson plan includes

  • A narrative that students read about the 2000 election.
  • A 20 question video viewing guide that accompanies the film (teacher answers are not included).
  • A swear guide that marks the minute and second where the swearing occurs in the video.

File size is less than 1MB. File comes as a .docx and .pptx type. Requires software that can read Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. This allows teachers to quickly make changes to the documents.

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be offered. If you have questions please Contact Me.