War of 1812 Reenactment

War of 1812 Reenactment Primary Sources

War of 1812 Reenactment Primary Source Journals and Diaries and Articles

War of 1812 Reenactment: As a War of 1812 Reenactor I have gone to many War of 1812 sites and have acquired many primary sources. The purpose of this page is to provide a list of pdfs of primary source journals, diaries, and articles for 1812 reenactors.

War of 1812 Reenactment, Free Trade and Sailors Rights

A Selection of War of 1812 Primary Sources:

War of 1812 Select Primary Sources

St. Clair’s Defeat:

American Indian Military Leadership St.Clairs defeat 


The Conduct of the Militia at Tippecanoe- Elihu Stout’s Controversy with Colonel John P. Boyd, January, 1812

Northwestern Campaign:

Some Buckingham County VA Soldiers in the War of 1812

Samual Stubbs a Kentuckian Account of War of 1812

Pittsburgh Blues by Niebaum Part III

Journal of Maj Isaac Roach 1812-1824

Defense of Ft Harrison

Charles S Todd Kentuckian in War of 1812

Capt John Black War of 1812 zip file.

Alexander Bourne Diary_War of 1812 zip file.

Adam Walker Journal 4th US Infantry zip file.

The Papers of Joel Leftwich 1779-1843

Views of the campaigns of the northwestern army Comprising sketches of the campaigns of Generals Hull and Harrison

Pittsburg Blues Memoir of Nathaniel Vernon

Early History of Wood Co., Ohio. Pioneer Scrap-Book

Muster rolls of 2nd Brigade and 5th Brigade of PA militia


A New Letter About the Massacre at Fort Dearborn

Mrs. Lydia B. Bacon’s Journal, 1811-1812

Life of General Leslie Combs

Journal of Major Isaac Roach_War of 1812

History of Late War In Western Country Robert McAfee

An Authentic History of War of 1812 by Sam Brown

A Brief Sketch of the late war by Robert McCulloh

Cradle of the Cockade A Play Zip file.

Petersburg Volunteers by Lee Wallace

Recollections of War of 1812 by George Hay

Woods Journal of the Northwestern Campaign 1812-1813

Pay Rate 2nd US Artillery Cushings Company

Regimental Book for the 1st Regiment 3rd Detachment of Ohio Militia containing orders issued by James Mills of Butler County

Captain John Barrickmans Diary Account and General Record Book in the War of 1812

Journal of Nathen Newsom

James Calloway in the War of 1812

The Siege of Fort Meigs 1813 an eye-witness account by Alexander Bourne

The War of 1812 in Northwestern Ohio Background and Causes

The War of 1812 in Northwestern Ohio The Year of Disasters

We Lay There Doing Nothing John Jackson’s Recollection of the War of 1812

Journal of Joseph Larwill

Journal of Eunis Duncan 16th Regiment Kentucky Militia Detached

A Journal of those Heroic Kentucky Volunteers and Regulars Elias Darnell

A History of the Life and Services of Cpt Samuel Dewees

Niagara Campaign:

Memiors of Capt Ephraim Shaler Cpt 2nd LT in 25th Infantry

Lt Col George McFeely PA Milita War of 1812

Letters of Cpt John Scott 15th US Infantry War of 1812

Joseph Dwight NY Ensign War of 1812

David Parish NY Landowner and the War of 1812

Battle of Chippawa_Infantry Tactics in the War of 1812

War of 1812 in Northern NY_Observations of Cpt Rufus McIntire

A Forgotten Hero in a Forgotten War Crysler’s Farm. Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, 1990.

Southern Campaign:

Journal of Capt Isaac L Baker

Tecumseh Visits the Creeks zip file.

John Coffee, General of Tennessee Militia. Orderly Books 1812-1815.

Eastern Campaign:

The Lebenon Blues Baltimore Campaign Orderly Book

Lebanon Blues in Baltimore Campaign 1814

Baltimore 1813 A study in urban defense

Western Campaign (frontier):


Uniform of the 15th Infantry

Two Leather Caps in the War of 1812

American Military Dress of the War of 1812 by McBarron zip file.

1812 Cockade and Stock

US Army Headgear 1783 to 1832

American Military Dress in the War of 1812

US Army and Militia headgear, caps, shakos, plates, cockades, and eagles. Zip file. Link to my DropBox Account


The French Musket as an American Weapon US Military Shoulder Arms

Field Artillery of the War of 1812

The French Musket as an American Weapon

Swords and Sword Makers in the War of 1812. zip file

American Polearms

American Firearms

Survey of US Soldier Arms and Accouterments from 1776-2007


Goods issued to Army Northwest Greensburgh & Indiana 

US Army Military Fifes

Blankets for Military Service

Clothing Costs Procurement and items

Infantry Accouterments in the US Army 1812-1814

Spectacles 1760-1783

US Army Colors and Standards 1808

War of 1812 Gunners Haversack

War of 1812 Camp Kettles

Military Life:

Parts of a Company Niles Weekly Register

Monthly Soldiers Pay1813 Niles Weekly Register

Military Punishments in the War of 1812

Black and White Prisoners in War of 1812

Retaliation for Treatment of Prisoners

Army Recruitment War of 1812

Regulations for the Field Exercise and Conduct of Infantry 1812 Smyth

Jesse Bennet Pioneer Physician and Surgeon

Retaliation for treatment of prisoners

Survivals of American Service in British Regiments

Life and Letters of William Beaumont War of 1812 Surgeon

Medical Sketches War of 1812

Medical Topgraphy of Upper Canada

Enlisted Soldiers:

Enlisted Men of US army 1812-1815 a Survey

Enlisted Men in the United States Army, 1812-1815: A Preliminary Survey. J. C. A. Stagg Source: The William and Mary Quarterly, Third Series, Vol. 43, No. 4 (Oct., 1986), pp. 615-645

Enlisted Mens Mess


Journal Kept Board the US Frigate Constitution 1812 by Amos Evans

War of 1812 Navy Documentary History in 3 volumes (zip file link to my dropbox account)


US Army as viewed by UK travelers 1825 to 1860

Laws of War in the 1812 Conflict

Federalist Party Unity in the War of 1812

A Note on Western Logistics in the War of 1812

Who Invented Scalping

High Army Leadership in the War of 1812

British Soldiers:

A Splendid Man Richardson, Ft Meigs, and the story of Metoss

Recollections of War of 1812 by George Hay

Letters of British Admiral Sir David Milne War of 1812

Journal of William Beall War of 1812

Glassware of the British Military – English

The March of 104th Foot to Quebec 1813

The Bisshopp Papers during the War of 1812

Major John Richardson War of 1812

Recollections of the War of 1812 by George Hay 8th Marquis of Tweeddale

1807 British Drill Manual