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Faerchild or Fashion Risk Ready to Rock 1988 Cassette Tape

A buddy of mine handed me a collection of old-school cassette tapes he no longer wanted. Contained in this collection is a really awesome metal tape.

The band’s name is called Faerchild, though it looks like they may have also gone as Fashion Risk.

Faerchild tape cover. Faerchild is written diagonally in red.

The cassette tape itself is one of those clear ones, which I typically associate with being higher quality, and the inserts look to be professionally produced (as opposed to just printing copies from an at-home DIY-style printer).

However, I’ve looked on the Internet and I cannot seem to find much information about them. There are folks in Discogs who are aware that this band exists, but nobody seems to have a copy.

shows in discogs that 0 people have the record

Obviously, Discogs isn’t the end-all-be-all but it has a huge collection and the fact that nobody seems to have a copy (as well as limited information about the band online) suggests a very limited release?

In looking at the insert, the first (and only?) release is called Ready to Rock. It looks like it was produced by the label: Briefcase of Talent out of Atlanta, GA.

The songs included Ready to Rock, Brain Dead, Memories of Michelle, and All Night Long. The tape has a release date of 1988.

Faerchild insert with list of band songs and band members and other assorted information

Scott Faerchild is on the vocals, Shawn Tarver is on the guitar, Tim Lumb is on the Bass, and Alan Ayo is on the drums. A quick Google search brings up some people who might have been part of this project.

One of the inserts has a message to fans about the Ready to Rock release.

Insert showing a message to fans

You can hear the songs in an MP3 format. In the files below I just combined both sides together. So each MP3 consists of two songs. I also have these in .wav format in my Google Drive. So if you’re interested in a .wav format, let me know.

First Side: Click the link to download it or play it below: Memories of Michelle and All Nite Long.

Second Side: Click the link to download or play it below. Ready to Rock and Brain Dead.