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Notes on Pre World War One Chinese Resturants

80th Infantry Division drew men from VA, West VA, PA
Chinese Restaurants 

DC in the 1890s first ones appear:

Pittsburgh, Early 1900s:
Philadelphia Restaurant NAME: Mei-Hsian Lou 

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80th Infantry Division World War One

80th Infantry Division World War One

The purpose of this page is to display images and research information related to the 80th Infantry Division in World War One.

80th Baseball Game

80th Liberty Theatre

80th Cooks and Bakers School



80th Rifle Range

80th Bayonet Practice

80th Division Officers

80th Over the Top

80th Athletic Activities

80th in Town

80th Flag Signalling School


80th Mess Tin

80th Gas Mask Bag



History of the 80th Division, AEF in World War One
Complied by Russell L. Stultz, division historian
Edited by: Lee S Anthony, Ph. D. Commander
Jamont Communications 2004