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WW2 Red Cross Reproduction Knitting Patterns

Below is a listing of WW2 Red Cross Reproduction Knitting Patterns for WW2 Reenactors

Afghan Child’s Knitted Suit Child’s Sweater Brooks Type Child’s Sweater Toddler Pack
Gloves Man’s Coat Sweater Man’s Socks Man’s V-Neck Sweater, Sleeveless
Muffler Navy Iceland Sweater Watch Cap Woman’s V-Neck Cardigan

Practical, Warm Hand Knits for Service Men WW2 Red Cross Knitting Patterns

blue sky drugs viagra samples This another red cross knitting pattern. The booklet is Volume 318, dated 1940. Below are some images from the booklet and external links which explain more about the patterns.

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get link External Links Read Me First: WWII Knitting FAQ

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WWII Plain Socks WWII Hats and Helmets WWII Mittens and Gloves WWII V-Neck Sweater
WWII Turtleneck WWII Sweater Vest WWII Ear Muffs, Wristlets, Knee Caps, Muffler My mom and her Service Men and Women


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