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Hour of Code

Hour of Code

farmacia online viagra generico 50 mg a Parma You will select among several code tutorials and code (program a computer) for an hour. You may stick with one tutorial or switch out. The purpose is to code for an hour and expose you to the creativity and fun that computer science and programming can be! You will be graded based upon participation and completion of reflection questions.

source Objective: Code using a tutorial for one hour.
Answer reflection questions.

Hour of Code Tutorials MineCraft: Use coding blocks to travel through a Minecraft world.

follow link Star Wars: Use Javascript to program droids and create a Star Wars game

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Torino Flappy Bird: Create a clone of flappy bird using coding blocks. PHP Language on CodeCademy: The Language for WordPress

want to buy levitra HTML and CSS on CodeCademy: The Language for building Webpages

levitra originale online garanzia JavaScript on CodeCademy: The Language of the Web

follow url JQuery on CodeCademy: The Language for building interactive websites

over the counter drug like clomid side Python on CodeCademy: The Language for creating general applications

buying levitra Ruby CodeCademy: The Language for creating web applications

APIs on CodeCademy: The interface for communicating with different web applications