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Servo Motors

source Servo Motors Setup your breadboard and Arduino using the image below: Servo Motor Image Once your image is setup, use the code below to control the Servo

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source Stuck on Servo Motor? Try this site here: Servo Motor Tutorial

source site discount viagra without prescription Servo Questions
1 What real-world things use a Servo Motor? Come-up with 3 examples.

go to link 2 What could you create with a Servo Motor? How about two Servo Motors? viagra sales Servo Challenges:
1 Try to make the Servo Motor go 300 degrees.

ovulation induction drugs letrozole vs clomid 2 Try to make the Servo Motor go 90 degrees

female viagra free sample 3 Try to make the Servo Motor go x degrees (your choice)

4 What happens if you make the Servo Motor go 460 degrees?
HINT: You may need to delete a For() function.

5 Ask for another Servo Motor and try to get two Servo Motors to work at the sametime. What would you need to add? What would your code look like?

6 As a challenge try adding a Potentiometer Knob here to control the location of the Servo Motor. Use the link below.

Potentiometer Knob and Servo Motor