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Creative Commons License for Teachers

Creative Commons License for Teachers

female viagra for canadians Recently a teacher friend of mine asked me for some files related to a class I used to teach. I responded with an ebullient “Yes!”¬† As a teacher, I am often reminded that I stand on the shoulders of giants and that it makes no sense to re-invent the wheel when so many talented teachers are willing to give you what amounts to their life’s work…for free. I decided to make my work I gave her a¬†Creative Commons License. It allowed her to use the work but could not sell it. I am firm believer that knowledge should be free and accessible, however I am not naive, and should you give stuff away you should provide a license. This protects you and the recipient from any future misunderstanding regarding your works.

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see Much like an Open Source License for software, a Creative Commons License is what I use for published works.

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