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Lesson Plans World History II SOL 6e Lesson Plans World History II SOL 6e: French Revolution and Reign of Terror

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The student will demonstrate knowledge of scientific, political, economic, and religious changes during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries by viagra classification of drugs

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SOL 6e: describing the French Revolution.
find generic viagra no prescription Lesson Plans
Introduction: A Bell-ringer activity
Notes: Students copy-down and discuss teacher generated notes
Activities: Students complete various in class activities to support learning including video analysis, maps, charts, diagrams, graphic organizers, worksheets, text-book questions, group discussion, KWL Charts etc.
Assessment: Informal, Formal, Exit-Questions, Teacher Questioning. Quizzes, Tests, Projects

clomid drug screen Essential Knowledge:
Causes of the French Revolution
• Influence of Enlightenment ideas
• Influence of the American Revolution
Events of the French Revolution
• Storming of the Bastille
• Reign of Terror
Outcomes of the French Revolution
• End of the absolute monarchy of Louis XVI
• Rise of Napoleon

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watch PowerPoint:Causes of the French Revolution Document Analysis

French Revolution Documents

Note: Use the powerpoint with the above French Revolution Documents

Cause of French Revolution Review

Declaration of the Rights of Man Reading

Estates General Analysis

History Channel: French Revolution Viewing Guide History Channel
Note 1: The above 2005 History Channel documentary runs about 90minutes and is best used with the French Revolution Documentary
Note 2: If you decide to use the history channel documentary take note of the following approximate scene marks and consider editing them out with your favorite video editor or blocking the screen:
–Sex-life of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette: 16:30-19:00 mark
–Heads of Louis Guards: 38:40-39:00 mark
–Attack on political prisoners: 54:00-55:05 mark
–Blood oozing out from Marie Antoinette’s death: 1:09:40-1:10:00 mark
–Generic blood shot: 1:12:20-1:12:30 mark
–Blood dripping: 1:22:00-1:22:30 mark
–Robespierre suicide scene 1:26:30-1:27:00 mark

Another set of French Revolution videos are from United Learning. The video is much shorter running about30minutes or15minutes for each part.

French Revolution Part 1 Blackline Masters

French Revolution Part 1 Teacher Guide

French Revolution Part 2 Blackline Masters

French Revolution Part 2 Viewing Guide

French Revolution Part 1: Video

French Revolution Part 2 Video

You might also consider these support documents which are used in Britain:
Causes of the French Revolution

Execution of the King and Queen

Political Cartoon Analysis: Causes of the French Revolution

Flowchart of French Revolution

France in 1795: The Directory

French Revolution Begins

Louis XVI Reign of Terror

Tennis Court Oath Analysis 

King on Trial

Note: The above activities are best used with the Virginia Prentice Hall World History: The Modern Era textbook.


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