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Intro to Internet Privacy

viagra generico 50 mg in farmacia senza ricetta pagamento online a Genova Intro to Internet Privacy see Directions:

follow url Visit the following and link and address the questions. Be sure to navigate to each page on the link.


comprare vardenafil senza ricetta Piemonte Internet Safety Link here Questions: 1. Why do people believe they are safer online than they actually are?
2. Explain the following internet threats
A. Malware
B. Phishing
C. Virus
D. Clickjacking
E. Browser Hijacking
G. Trojan Horse
3. What are three ways your internet privacy and safety can be violated?
4. Explain the following internet safety terms
A. Meme
B. Troll
C. Sockpuppet
D. Avatar
5. Google and Bing yourself using quotes. If information appears you do not like you can request Google or Bing to remove it.
You may need to have an account with Google or Microsoft in order to request a removal.

enter site Google Contant/Info Removal

follow Bing Content/Info Removal

source link Note: If you identify any images or information contained in the search you do not like you can ask Google and Bing to remove them. Most search engines allow for that to happen BUT it may take several weeks before they are completely removed.

comprare levitra senza ricetta Firenze 6 Ask yourself, how are your privacy settings on your social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc? Are they open for anyone or just “Friends”?