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Lesson Plans World History II 13a Collapse of Communism

Lesson Plans World History II 13a: Collapse of Communism

watch Standard WH II: Lesson Plans World History II 13a-The student will demonstrate knowledge of major events in the second half of the twentieth century by

get link go here Objectives: Explaining key events of the Cold War, including the competition between the American and Soviet economic and political systems and the causes of the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
Note: I tend to break SOL 13a into two parts. One part is on the causes of the Cold War. The other is on the causes of the Cold War ending. acquistare viagra generico pagamento online a Verona Lesson Plans
Introduction: A Bell-ringer activity
Notes: Students copy-down and discuss teacher generated notes
Activities: Students complete various in class activities to support learning including video analysis, maps, charts, diagrams, graphic organizers, worksheets, text-book questions, group discussion, KWL Charts etc.
Assessment: Informal, Formal, Exit-Questions, Teacher Questioning. Quizzes, Tests, Projects.

cheap generic levitra comprare vardenafil senza ricetta Bologna Essential Knowledge:
Collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
• Soviet economic collapse
• Nationalism in Warsaw Pact countries
• Tearing down of Berlin Wall
• Breakup of the Soviet Union
• Expansion of NATO Activities that Support Lesson Plans:

Lesson Plans World History II 13a-To analyze the collapse of Communism I put students into groups. They analyze the documents below and complete the questions. Students rotate around to different stations, analyze the documents, and complete the questions.

Premium Lesson Plans- What Killed the Cold War: A Reading and Map Analysis Worksheet.

Blue Jeans and Rock and Roll Reading: A reading on Blue Jeans, Rock and Roll and the desire for consumer goods led to the collapse of communism.

Nine Days The Pope John Paul II visits Poland Reading: A reading on Pope John Paul II’s visit to Poland.

Solidarity Movement in Poland Reading: Student reading on Solidarity

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Reading: Student reading on Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Gorbachev Biography Reading: Student Reading on Gorbachev. Touches on glasnost and perestroika.

Cold War Ending Document Analysis: Student handout with questions.

Communism and Toilet Paper: Student reading on Communism, Long Lines, and Toilet Paper.


Collapse of the Soviet Union Readings Worksheet Cartoons: An analysis of communism’s collapse using cartoons.

viagra generico 25 mg in farmacia senza ricetta pagamento online a Verona Ronald Reagan: Below are some lesson plans I have used in the past regarding Ronald Reagan’s role:
Did Ronald Reagan End the Cold War? Inquiry Activity: One type that focuses on Ronald Reagan.

Did Ronald Reagan End the Cold War? Inquiry Activity: Second type that focuses on Ronald Reagan.