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Golden Age of Piracy: Premium Lesson Plans

does viagra show up on a probation drug test These Golden Age of Piracy lesson plans are designed to be flexible and used in a 90-minute block setting over a period of 3-4 days. It includes short biography readings, map analysis, a podcast listening activity, and a reading analysis of modern piracy. It also comes with a viewing guide for showing the Pirates of the Caribbean film. As an extension students, after viewing the film, could either write a short paragraph comparing the fictional Hollywood film to historical facts on pirates and piracy or create there own pirate ship using a link to pirate ship cut-out. This unit might be a good unit to do at the end of the school year.

injectable fertility drugs clomid Activities come in a 1MB .zip file and will need to be unzipped. To view the lesson plans you will need Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to view.

follow Activities Include:

get link Pirate Bio Analysis Lesson Plan-Outline of Lesson plan for the Golden Age of Piracy. Pirates: Past and Present -Case study and reading analysis on modern pirates.
vardenafil generico 20 mg miglior prezzo Pirates of Caribbean Viewing Guide -Film guide for students to complete.
viagra drug uses Pirate Podcast- Podcast listening activity with questions for students to answer. Pirate Biography and Flags – Seven different viagra price germany  biography readings on pirates and flags. Students use these short biographies to complete the chart and map. Pirate Biography Chart and Flag Analysis –Chart to fill in and map to complete. Based on Pirate Biography and Flags reading.

File size is less than 1MB and needs an unzipping tool. Requires software that can read Microsoft word and PowerPoint. This allows teachers to quickly make changes to the documents.

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be offered. If you have questions please Contact Me.

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