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Lesson Plans World History II SOL 11a

Lesson Plans World History II SOL 11a League of Nations Standard:
The student will demonstrate knowledge of political, economic, social, and cultural developments during the Interwar Period

go site Objective:
Describing the League of Nations and the mandate system.
Essential Knowledge

is there a drug like viagra for women League of Nations
-International Cooperative Organization
-Established to prevent future wars
-United States not a member
-Failure of League because it did not have power to enforce its decisions

click here The mandate system
• During World War I, Great Britain and France agreed to divide large portions of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East between themselves.
• After the war, the “mandate system” gave Great Britain and France control over the lands that became Iraq, Transjordan, and Palestine (British controlled) and Syria and Lebanon (French controlled).
• The division of the Ottoman Empire through the mandate system planted the seeds for future conflicts in the Middle East.

viagra marley drug Activities to support lesson
League of Nations :Documents for students to analyze
League of Nations Document Analysis :Instructions for analysis
League_of_Nations_Cartoon_Analysis_Worksheet :Worksheet to analyze political cartoons
League of Nations Cartoon Analysis :Political Cartoon Analysis
League of Nations Analysis:Worksheet on League of Nations
InterWar Period Curriculum Unit : Interwar Period Curriculum Unit

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